About the band

Rook Road brings an absolute headbanging vibe, charismatic heavy rock vocals, finest guitar riffs, and a classic Hammond organ.

Their catchy melodies carve their way into every brain cell. With immense passion for playing and modern influences, they manage to break away from the old patterns of their musical ancestors, thus creating their own distinctive sound. Not only do lovers of the good old blues and classic rock get their money’s worth here. Rook Road offers a high-class performance that fascinates its listeners.

Founded in early 2020, the band already launched their debut album “ROOK ROAD” in their first year, which was released worldwide via CMM/SAOL at the end of 2022. Four singles were selected from this album, for which videos were shot and published. At the beginning of 2023, Lucky Bob Music Agency became the band’s partner.

Currently, Rook Road is busy with the pre-production of their second album, which is expected to be released under a new label and distribution at the end of 2024. For the current year 2023, concerts are booked in Germany, France, and the Netherlands, as well as a support tour for the rock legends Nazareth.